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Calcutron makes it easy to quickly determine the new dimensions of any asset based on the current size or aspect ratio.

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About Calcutron

Calcutron is a tool for designers, developers, graphic artists, photographers, or anyone who needs to proportionally resize digital assets or layouts based on their current size or aspect ratio.

Calcutron makes it easy to quickly determine the new dimensions of any asset, such as video, photographs, or graphics. Simply enter one dimension and the other dimension is automatically calculated for you based on the original size or aspect ratio.

In addition to graphic-professionals, Calcutron is a great tool for programmers who need to resize images or video in code. It can be a real time-saver over doing all the calculations manually.


  • Enter the width or height to automatically calculate the other dimension.

  • Choose from a list of common aspect ratios or enter your own.

  • Save your most-used sizes as favorites.

  • Quickly swap width and height values with a single tap.

  • Round calculated dimensions up, down, or nearest - from 0-4 decimal places.

Privacy Policy

Apple requires all apps in the App Store to have a privacy policy. In the case of Calcutron that's easy… the app doesn't collect or distribute any information at all. Your data is your business.

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Calcutron is proudly made in Portland, Oregon by multi-media designer, Paul Burd. I created Calcutron for myself. I wanted a tool I could use in my own workflow. I sincerely hope other creative profesionals find it useful.

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A special thanks to Scott Smith for a little help with some of the code.

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